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I’ve worked with other software before without support. It can become very frustrating not knowing something and trying to figure it out on your own. Having BS&A Software support has been terrific. If I can’t figure something out, I don’t even hesitate to call BS&A about my problem. They always return my call within a short amount of time and the support personal are always very helpful and very nice. The support service is always patient and understanding for the beginning and experienced users.

Our township had switched over to BS&A software from another software. BS&A has been so helpful, no matter what the problem or question is, big or small they always are very helpful. They always make us feel like they are there for our support and that we should use them anytime we need them. We never hesitate to call them because of how wonderful their support treats us.

Kasandra McGuire, Treasurer

Paramount to having user friendly software is having customer service that you can depend on. Prior to BS&A, we had never received/experienced such exemplary customer service. You can count on speaking with their support team within minutes of placing a call to them. And they are always courteous and friendly and will resolve your issue.

I can’t imagine where we would be right now, with all the taxation changes that have taken place in just the last few years, if we hadn’t converted to their software. I can not say enough about the commitment BS&A has made to keeping their software up-to-date and their prices so modest.

Linda Osiecki

Each of the programs offer so much that it is impossible to know everything that each program does. I really appreciate being able to call for support and getting fast results. I also like it when BS&A can dial in to also see the problem.

I also appreciate the willingness of the support team to listen to our comments and suggestions for change. That means so much to Assessors working with the software everyday.

I feel that BS&A leads the industry in Michigan for Assessing/Tax Software and I hope that they continue to change and maintain that standard but also keep the product affordable since cost is such a huge factor in today’s economy.

David Johnson, Deputy Director of Assessing

We love the BS&A product, but it is the superior level of “customer service” that I appreciate most of all. These are experts who know their product, inside and out! One of their tax reps once told me to use the “5 minute rule”…if the customer (me!) has spent more than five minutes trying to figure something out, they should stop and call for BS&A support! And I do! One huge specific I can give you is a really big one: The County changed more than 200 parcel numbers for 2010, and word of this didn’t get the Township Treasurer’s office till early June, as we were doing summer tax prep work. We thought of many different ways these new parcel numbers could be a problem if not addressed promptly with property owners, mortgage companies, etc., especially when it came to issuing the tax amounts due for the escrow customers. BS&A, while never given such a task previously, worked with me IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY to add data to certain fields in the assessing program, to be carried into the tax program, and generate a report for the escrow firms so they were aware of the PPN changes and could pay the taxes utilizing the new PPN’s. This was no small task, but BS&A rose to meet our needs and help us do this….quickly and flawlessly. Our BS&A tax support person worked with their assessing support person and their program writer, and collectively they worked with us to meet our needs! They wrote and rewrote the necessary program tweaks until it was exactly what we needed to get the job done!

Even during the busiest times of the year when all of us “tax program” customers are bombarding them all at once for help, the wait time is minimal! We also appreciate that they NEVER make us feel “stupid” when we call for sometime we should already know! Certain functions are only performed once a year, so it’s easy to forget; we love that they give us a reminder when we need it without talking down to us. There have been a couple times (not many!) when we’ve simply made a silly mistake on our end and couldn’t figure out how to fix it on our own….BS&A to the rescue!

Debra K. Buckowing, Township Treasurer

Because all the applications interface with each other, I have a lot less manual journal entries. With the new .net applications, it is easier than ever to “drill down” into a transaction and find its source.

Bank reconciliations have been made easier also by being able to do everything through GL instead of having to look for the checks in AP and Payroll separately.

Being able to run reports spanning different fiscal years has also made my job easier. Doing research for expenditures use to be more cumbersome but not anymore.

BSA is knowledgeable, up to date on current legislation, courteous, dependable, available support staff, regular program updates readily available

Susanne McGee, Treasurer/Finance Director

The BS&A fund accounting programs offered user friendly modules that work together seamlessly. The reporting choices were far more advanced that we had with our other software program. We have a small staff and we all work with multiple modules within fund accounting, it is very easy to learn each of the programs because the framework setup is similar.

They have made my job easier. I cannot stress how important it is to have prompt service when we call with questions. Usually we get a call back within an hour. The software also makes it very easy to find errors and correct them.

The reporting choices make my life much easier. I spent many years writing queries just to get a report with the information I needed. It is a great time saver to have the options within the software.

Bethany Smith, City Clerk/Treasurer

Yes, I was coming from an environment where I was using PeopleSoft software on a large mainframe. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of BS&A on the small server here at the Township.

Features we like:

  • The diverse variety of reports.
  • Capability to download most reports into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Feature that provides the ability to upload a check file from AP or PR to our bank’s computer.
  • Wide variety of tools in the various modules with which to research problems and issues, or simply to perform financial analysis.
  • Template for budget is outstanding, as well is the ability to upload the final approved budget.

I have been impressed that new reports, and at times, new steps are added to a procedures to make our jobs easier, or to accommodate a new legal or IRS requirement. BS&A software has not stagnated like software firms have allowed their products to do.

It is particularly helpful that our auditors can use a number of reports “as is” off the system for their workpapers.

BS&A has an in-depth knowledge of governmental accounting and the needs of governmental accountants, and continues to stay current with changes to accounting rules and regulations.

Even servicing the governmental arena, I would never expect a software company to program something as complex as the F-65 report into their system, especially since not all municipalities use exactly the same chart of accountants.

Glenn Spencer, Finance Director
The software has definitely made our jobs easier. The ability to get information quickly, including downloading information into spreadsheets, has expedited financial analyses, preparation of audit work papers, and many other tasks. Likewise, the flexibility and reporting capability of the software has provided valuable information. A newly-introduced fiscal forecasting component in the budgeting part of General Ledger promises to offer great rewards. BS&A has a track record of continuous improvement of their products (on-screen lookup, the ability to allow operating departments to have direct access to budget and cost information, etc.) which has made them even better.
Thomas H. Chase, CPA, Finance Director
Easy to navigate, easy to set up, no accounting degree required. Anyone can become an expert quickly. The software is intuitive and flexible. Accounts are easy to add or remove. We have not had an issue with any single (non-balancing) items being posted.
Richard Lehmann, Finance Director
The “drill down” functions have been awesome – to a point that when I can’t drill down, I’m asking why not. The multitude and variety of reporting options, plus the willingness of the tech support staff to help us get new options into our reports is great.
Joanne Kelley, CMC, Township Clerk
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