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BS&A has designed simply outstanding software that very efficiently supports municipalities in fulfilling the ever increasing demands upon our day-to-day operations in serving the needs of our local community. This is very important but where BS&A excels is in listening to, completely supporting and truly partnering with their customers in serving the public. The adage of giving more than what is expected has all been lost in today's fast paced world but BS&A has differentiated themselves from their competitors and quite frankly most commercial enterprises by following this simply but powerful commitment. It is very apparent that BS&A recognizes and is committed to efficiently and economically serving the needs of their municipal customers resulting in an efficiently partnership to serve the public's needs.

It may sound trite but it is a fact that when we call BS&A support for assistance we truly feel that they are a valued co-worker who is personally committed to helping us solve whatever challenge we are experiencing or trying to work through. The BS&A support staff effectively uses reflective listening skills to properly identify our question or need, is empathetic to our situation, demonstrates an understanding of the time constraints that all of us are working through and they are always very humble in their interaction skills. These qualities are basic to human interaction, unfortunately absent from so many areas of our lives but are a cornerstone of the BS&A commitment to their customers.

Steve Kingsbury, Director of Information Technology

BS&A has always been responsive to our needs. Any suggestion we have made as far as product or process improvements have been welcomed and implemented. Their tech support is also worth their weight in gold.

It is a great company and great product. There are always receptive to their customers’ needs.

Matthew Dingman, City Assessor

The BS&A assessing/tax software is easy to use and navigate. The data link between the two modules helps maintain the records and saves time that would otherwise be needed to update. The fact that Wayne County uses the same system makes it easier to communicate and to reconcile reports as well.

On top of all this is the excellent customer support provided from BS&A staff, who never get tired of questions and resolve all issues to our satisfaction.

Nevrus P Nazarko, Finance Director
1989 was the year I gave up. I gave up trying to program appraisal software. Why? Because I found BS&A’s Equalizer software and I knew it was way better than anything I could do. Jim listened and improved the program constantly. That’s the way BS&A’s support worked then and that is the way it still works today. Listen to the user and make constant improvements.
Walt Schlichting, Equalization Director
Good customer service to me is someone willing to take his/her time to hold my hand and walk me through areas of problem solving and areas of unfamiliarity in the most efficient way, while encouraging personal growth. BS & A’s customer service has done a fine job of fulfilling this expectation.
Nancy Wolters, Accountant

Each member of the assessing tech support team at BS&A is very knowledgeable and helpful. Their willingness to assist customers is second to none. Their response time, as well as resolution to problems, is quick and efficient. Not only do they understand the program, they understand assessing, which only enhances their service to their customers. The company’s involvement in State and local assessing associations, whether training, updating or mingling, demonstrates its’ desire to maintain successful relationships with their customers.

Another observation I have made is that the staff, across all departments at BS&A, seem to work well as a team. It is obvious that they have the best interest of their clients at hand and do what they can to make their product the best on the market. I especially like that they are open to, and appreciate, suggestions to make enhancements to the software. BS&A software makes every assessor’s job easier… especially Assessing.net and all its’ capabilities!

Kelley Ziesemer, Assessor

The benefit of using BS&A Software for taxes is summed up to customer support. Everyone in the customer support department is so well trained; they almost know your questions before you can ask them. You want a report that lists A,B,C and can’t find it . . you will have it saved in your system in 2 minutes; you are setting up your database for the next year . . . you are talked through the process so you don’t miss a step. On top of intelligent answers, they are genuinely nice people! You feel like you are calling a friend or cousin who is tech savvy.

Customer service is what defines and lifts BS&A above the rest. They must have hundreds of clients that they talk to each tax season, but they never seem tired of reviewing the information with you, or bored with their job. They are easy to talk to and quick offer solutions to make our jobs easier.

The rapport you build with the customer service staff is more than staff/customer. I would be glad to welcome my BS&A friends into my home, they feel that close.

Jamie Boyle, Deputy Treasurer
The tax support team has always been quick to react to problems as they occur. I would say that your tax support is one of the reasons that your software has been so successful. Customer service is a huge selling point when purchasing software.
Nancy Hickey, County Treasurer
The support that BS&A provides is exceptional. They are very good at getting back to us when we have a question and usually can solve the problem over the phone. If it can’t be solved over the phone an update is usually completed within a day or so.
Roger Chappel, Equalization Director

I have been using BS&A’s Assessing software for over fourteen years. Before that I was using another program that you had to enter data at a DOS prompt. I never really understood that program. Equalizer Assessing and the .Net programs are easy to use, print out great reports, and if you have a problem their phone support is head and shoulders above all others support centers. They actually listen to their customers suggestions and have implemented many of my suggestions. BS&A is constantly striving to improve their programs. The automatic online update is a great way to keep the program up to date. I have work at many different cities and townships and they all use BS&A’s programs.

The support staff is the best in the computer software market. I have spent hours on the phone with operating software companies and other software companies. BS&A’s support staff has always solved my software problems in minutes, looked at the problem on their own, and leaving me to do my work. I really can gush about their support staff because they have helped me out so many times, so quickly and professionally. If your on the fence due to a fear of learning a new program, jump on over to BS&A’s programs. They will work with you as you get to know the program and make sure you know what you’re doing before they end your call.

Patrick Couch, Assessor
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Falls Township purchased the Building Permit version of BS&A. Compared with the program we had before, this one is so much more user-friendly, from the permits to the reports you can do. When we first received this program a man came in and gave us some training, but it was easy enough to learn on our own. Anything I had trouble with, Bob and Lori were right there to help fix the problem and didn’t hang up until the problem was fixed. The tech support is fabulous.
Falls Township, MI
Mary Jo Westerhold, Permit Clerk

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