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On-site Training

One of our highly qualified trainers will come to your location for a one-on-one training session on the applications of your choice. Please contact BS&A Software at 517-641-8900 for pricing information and to schedule an appointment. Training for Financial Management is primarily done on-site.

Classroom Training

Currently, we do not offer in-house training for some of our products, as the training is more beneficial when done at your location with your data. If the application you are interested in is not among those listed, no classroom training is available at this time. Classroom training applies primarily to property based applications. The typical cost for classroom training is $205 per day and includes lunch. If there is a different cost, it will be specified by BS&A prior to the training day.

Tax Application Classes

Note: All Tax System-related classes, with the exception of the one-day Tax Pervasive class, will be taught using the .NET version.

Level I - Introduction & Creating a Tax Roll

Recommended for the Treasurer or person creating their first tax roll using Tax .NET. This class includes a thorough program overview, as well as general setup and tax setup items relevant to creating a tax roll. Importing from Assessing .NET, developing a tax roll checklist, and establishing millage rates for all billing types is also covered, as well as working with mortgage information and reviewing options for adding special assessments to the tax bill. A review ofthe reports available for balancing purposes and tax bill printing through out the roll setup is presented.

Level II - Working with the Tax Roll

Designed for any Tax .NET user working with an existing tax roll throughout the course of the collection cycle. Roll maintenance such as name/address updates, mortgage codes, deferments, and handling taxpayer inquiries is covered. This class also includes payment processing, adjustments, and roll balancing with reports related to each item.

Special Assessment

Program setup and creating a multi-year, principal/interest type of Special Assessment District with various benefit calculation methods is covered. Creating a separate billing for special assessments and/or billing the annual installment on a current tax bill is also reviewed.

Delinquent Personal Property

Designed to acquaint new users with Delinquent Personal Property .NET. Topics discussed in detail are initial setup, importing parcels from shared tax database, data entry, generating reports, entering general ledger account numbers, and receipting. Also discussed is use of the built-in Report Designer.

Tax .NET Report Designer

This class introduces users of Tax .NET to the features and functions of the new Report Designer. Sample custom reports will be created, along with instruction on creating and using filters and queries.

Tax (Pervasive)

This one-day class is an overview of the Pervasive version of Tax. Designed for new users, it covers setup items relevant to creating a tax roll, importing from Assessing, and establishing millage rates. Roll maintenance such as name/address updates, mortgage codes, deferments, and handling taxpayer inquiries are covered. This class also includes payment processing, adjustments, and roll balancing, with reports related to each item.

Tax .NET Tips & Tricks

Class Fee: $75/person. This class covers a variety of tools, procedures, and tricks to help you get the most out of your Tax .NET application. Items covered include using the Differences button, importing adjustments directly from Assessing .NET, marking and blocking records, direct imports from prior year databases, New Tax Year Database Wizard, Report Profiles, and using templates for your millage rate tables, just to name a few. Previous experience with Tax .NET is recommended. This class is not a replacement for Tax Level I or Tax Level II.

Assessing/Equalization Application Classes

Note: All Assessing System-related classes will be taught using the .Net version.

The State Tax Commission has approved these courses for 6-hour continuing education credit.

Level I - Application Introduction & Setup

Recommended for the Assessor or designated newuser of Assessing/Equalization. This class covers all master list setup inProgram Setup and its importance in data entry and reporting. Roll balancingand frequently-used reports are also covered. 

Level II - Assessment Roll & Data Entry

This class demonstrates how to perform the assessment roll including name/address changes, sales, uncapping, P.R.E.s, building permits, and processing splits/combinations. Entering all types of appraisal information is also covered.

Level III - Land Tables, ECFs & Sales Studies

Designed for the user that will be responsible for creating/maintaining land rates, analyzing/setting ECFs, and performing sales studies. This class also reviews related reports for each of these features.

Level IV- Assessing Cycle & Special Acts Parcels

This class reviews the entire assessment cycle, beginning with creating a new assessment year database, rolling over the database, and processing all types of adjustments through end of assessment roll review (necessary prior to sending Change Notices). As a part of this class, Special Acts parcels are reviewed with ideas and reports that are useful for managing special rolls.

Using Apex with Assessing/Equalization

This class covers the use of Apex (latest version available) with Assessing/Equalization .NET. Setup within Assessing/Equalization is covered, along with frequently-used commands. Practical examples of drawing buildings and land are also given.

Personal Property

This class is designed for Assessors, Appraisers, and other office staff who perform duties pertaining to the processing, data entry, and reporting of Personal Property. Topics discussed in detail are printing of the personal property statements, processing statements, assessing buildings on leased land, estimating assessments for non-filers, and Board of Review changes.


This class covers the details of inputting Commercial/Industrial structures into Assessing .NET. Examples of Calculator, Segregated, Unit-in-Place and Income Capitalization are used.

Assessing .NET Upgrade

Designed for the experienced user of the Pervasive Assessing application, this class introduces the user to Assessing .NET. Topics covered include the conversion process and new features, as well as the acclimation of changes from the old version to the new.

Assessing .NET Report Designer

This class introduces users of Assessing .NET to the features and functions of the new Report Designer. Sample custom reports will be created in class, along with instruction on creating and using filters and queries.

Community Development Classes

Support Staff Intro .NET

This lecture style class covers the basic features of Building Department .NET. Participants will be introduced to the layout of the program, along with the fundamentals of program management and data entry.

Administration Staff .NET

This lecture style class is designed for admin-level users and assumes prior training has been done in Support Staff Intro .NET. This class covers the more advanced features of Building Department .NET and how to best utilize the program to manage your properties.

Building Department .NET Tips & Tricks

Class Fee: $75/person. This lecture style class covers a variety of tools, procedures, and tricks to help you get the most out of your Building Department .NET application. Items covered include setting fields, report profiles, mass letters, workflows, and new features. Previous experience with Building Department .NET is recommended. This class is not a replacement for Support Staff Intro .NET or Administration Staff .NET.

Community Development - AccessMyGov Demo

Class Fee: No Charge. Class Time: 9 a.m. - Noon.
Learn how contractors and homeowners alike can apply for permits and request inspections online, saving your staff valuable time. This feature currently integrates with Building Department .NET only.

Community Development .NET Report Designer

This interactive class takes the user through the theory, design, and functionality of your powerful new reporting tool. Each user gets interactive, hands-on experience with a knowledgeable instructor, walking them step-by-step through the process of creating basic reports and data filters. This class is designed for the new .NET user who wants to get the most out of their new software. You will have the opportunity to work with data and text fields, learn about data relationships, and create a report of your own

Field Inspection .NET Demo

Class Fee: No Charge. Class Time: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Gone are the days of hand-writing notes during the inspection, only to have to then enter them into the computer later. Quickly upload inspection results and repair letters, automatically send e-mails and download changes from the desktop, home, or anywhere. Learn how BS&A’s Field Inspection .NET software uses checklists, handwriting recognition, quick text features, and common word lists to enable inspectors to quickly and efficiently complete inspections and share data with Building Department .NET.

Financial Management Application Classes

We offer Financial Management classes to help any municipal employee grasp different concepts of the Financial Management process.  Although we will be using our software to teach these concepts, these classes are not designed to replace our official application training, as they will cover more general topics regarding the basics of Fund Accounting. If you wish for more direct application-related training, please give us a call at 517-641-8900 to set up a date for one of our trainers to come to your site.

Fund Accounting I

This class is designed for anyone wishing to grasp the basics of fund accounting. Topics covered are: description of fund accounting, components of a uniform chart of accounts, typical accounting transactions including inter-fund activity, pooled cash vs. non-pooled cash, internal controls, preparing an account reconciliation, budgeting, basic financial statements and what to expect during your annual audit.

Fund Accounting II

This class is designed for those wishing to learn more of the advanced topics and reporting aspects of fund accounting. Topics covered are: GASB 34 reporting, F-65 reporting, project and grant accounting as well as fixed assets, including: capitalization; depreciation; repairs and maintenance; disposals and improvements.

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