Cemetery Management

User-friendly and comprehensive, our Cemetery Management .NET application provides users with detailed record tracking of all cemeteries and associated plots within a municipality. Wizards and a variety of other utilities allow for easy linking of owners, plots, and deeds. Integration with our Financial Management Cash Receipting and GL/Budgeting applications allows for accurate accounting of all monies exchanged. GIS mapping integration allows for detailed mapping of all cemetery properties and gives a powerful view of unlimited map layers, expediting the search for a specific plot or group of plots.

Cash Receipting and GL/Budgeting Integration

Cemetery Management .NET allows for full-feature access to Cash Receipting and GL/Budgeting. Plot fees can be charged and invoiced through CM .NET and receipted into Cash Receipting. Real-time receipting allows for instant record of payment into CM.NET. Journal entries are created for streamlined accounting via our GL/Budgeting application.

GIS Integration

GIS Integration allows for a direct link between your data and GIS maps, giving you a very powerful tool to view data, plot and print various datasets, and quickly view cemetery plots.

Quick Plot Entry/Mass Add Plots Feature

Setting up (or adding to) a cemetery is a simple task with the Mass Add Plots feature. An easy-to-use form allows you to add multiple lots and plots in seconds. You can also link owner(s) and/or a deed to the range of lots and plots added.


Multiple owners can be linked to a single plot. A single owner may be linked to multiple plots, allowing for a single data entry point. Owners are listed in their own table view, letting you quickly and easily view, sort, edit, block, mark, search, and print.


Multiple occupants can be linked to a single plot, allowing for a single data entry point. Occupants are listed in their own table view, letting you quickly and easily view, sort, edit, block, mark, search, and print.

Burial Rights Certificates/Deeds

Deeds can be linked to multiple plots, allowing for a single data entry point. Deeds are listed in their own table view, letting you quickly and easily view, sort, edit, block, mark, search, and print.

Plot Flag

A Plot Flag is a specialized comment designed to grab your attention by scrolling across a plot record. Each plot may have a unique flag.


Unlimited comments - with no size restrictions - can be added to each plot, owner, occupant, and deed.


Image and/or document files can be attached to each plot, owner, occupant, deed, and cemetery.

Custom Plot Fees

Unlimited user-defined fees can be added to each plot. Invoices can be generated using these fees and items paid either via BS&A Cash Receipting or directly from the Plot screen in CM .NET. Integrated GL function allows for proper GL number setup on the Plot screen for error-free journalizing and posting to BS&A GL/Budgeting.

Customizable Invoices and Burial Rights Certificates/Deeds

Using the built-in Report Designer, you can create custom invoices and burial rights certificates to suit your needs.

Custom Segment Structure

The Segment Setup area was designed to provide maximum flexibility in the structure of your cemetery segments. You may rename, omit, format, or un-format each of the plot segments.

Table Views

Easy-to-use table views are provided for each of the following: Plots, Owners, Occupants, Deeds, Receipts, Financial History, Journal Entries, and Audit.

Plot Transaction History

Fully detailed financial history is displayed for each plot.

Veterans Listing

Detailed listing of all veterans within each cemetery allows for easy location and placement of memorial tributes, as well as requests for military burial information from outside sources.

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