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What is a User Group? User Group meetings are held for users of our .NET applications, and focus on… Presenting new features in a relaxed, open environment; these are not training classes or demos. Highlighting useful features that may get overlooked in day-to-day use. Providing an opportunity for customers to get together and discuss their use of the software. Providing an o...

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Today I pose the question: What is the benefit of entering data into a database if we can’t get it out? If we spend all of our time entering data but fail to include important pieces of information about a record, it can be very difficult to filter properly later. Many times, I am asked to help produce a report to display data broken down or filtered into various ways. One of the most common queries is the number of Commercial or Residential ...

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Our Assessment Administration Support and Training staff is frequently asked, “When will your Assessment Administration System be available for sale in other States?” Although BS&A has expanded our software sales to states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida, we currently do not have plans to develop a CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) module for these states. Our...

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