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BS&A began producing online videos as a way to demo various features of our applications for prospective customers. In 2012, we decided to expand these videos to not only highlight features of the programs, but to provide more learning opportunities to new customers. These videos enable us to present an in-depth walkthrough of all of the main processes in the applications, and offer a way for visual learners to absorb the information more thoroughly.

Before training begins, new customers can gain upfront knowledge and a better understanding of how our Financial Management applications work by watching the Courseware videos. This allows customers to get familiar with the programs prior to the onsite training, and in turn, make them feel more comfortable during training.

In addition, the Courseware videos are accompanied by step-by-step Courseware manuals which customers can use to follow along. Because a lot of information is packed into the on-site training sessions, the Courseware manuals serve as useful tools for customers to reference after training is completed. Customers will benefit from the ability to refresh their knowledge and confirm concepts learned through watching the videos after the trainers leave. While the Courseware videos do not replace calling the support team, they do help customers answer simple procedural questions.

As of May 2013, Courseware videos are available to current and prospective customers for our entire Financial Management (FM) suite of products. This has been made possible with the help of two members of our FM support team.

Hired in as Support Technicians, we learned immediately that they also had a knack for technology—video production and sound in particular. We acknowledged their talents and quickly transitioned them into working on the video project shortly after being hired. With their strong skillset, we are able to produce the high-level, quality videos that our customers deserve.

The courseware videos can now be found in the Help menus of all of our FM programs, and on our website:


If you are a prospective customer, please email inquiry@bsasoftware.com to request a user name/password for this courseware.


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