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At BS&A, our number one core value is to provide unparalleled customer service. In order to fulfill this commitment, it is imperative for us to hire employees who believe customer service is equally important. We are confident that excellent employees are ultimately what make a good company great, and that is why we take our hiring process very seriously.

We not only look for individuals with intellect and competence, but also for people with integrity and character; those who truly possess that customer service gene.

Our internship program has aided us in finding this niche group, and has helped our company and employees alike to succeed. Our program is designed to help interns discover that often-missing bridge between education and experience. The knowledge gained through the internship enhances their education and in the end, leads them to a more dynamic and solid career path. Interns learn just as any new employee would learn, using the same training style and resources. They are trained based on the same principles as a full-time employee, and are taught to provide the same outstanding level of service that our customers are accustomed to.

Our interns have real responsibilities, get to work on real projects, and get real hands-on experience with our customers. Because of this, interns are also able to make a real impact on our company and the services we provide. We offer internships in four of our departments: Financial Management, Community Development, Software Development, and Information Technology. There are three levels of internship:

Student Internship: Designed for those who are still attending school; monthly rotation until graduation; part time or full time hours; pay rate discussed at interview.

Post Graduate Internship: Designed for those who are newly graduated and with no practical job experience; full time internship on a monthly rotation; pay rate discussed at interview.

Advance Internship: For those who have graduated and have post-college job experience; three-month full time internship; pay rate discussed at interview.

With school being of the utmost importance, we make all classes and coursework a priority, and schedules are customized for each intern. Throughout the program, the interns work directly with their manager to develop realistic goals and set expectations. Monthly meetings are scheduled to discuss the individual internship, what kind of improvements can be made, and above all, if the internship is a good fit for both the company and the individual.

Unfortunately, no matter how much time one takes in the interview process, it is very difficult to assess a potential employee's character and inclination toward customer service; those qualities can, after all, be feigned in an interview.

On the other hand, when our management team has six months to a year to work with and evaluate our interns, it tends to become obvious rather quickly which of them are truly born with the knack for customer service. When we find somebody that clearly possesses this gift, it makes our management team very happy and we are pleased to offer them a full-time opportunity. While our internships are greatly beneficial for the interns themselves, candidly, the greater benefit is to BS&A Software and our customers.

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