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Our Assessment Administration Support and Training staff is frequently asked, “When will your Assessment Administration System be available for sale in other States?” Although BS&A has expanded our software sales to states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida, we currently do not have plans to develop a CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) module for these states. Our...

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Our Assessing support and training staff are frequently asked, “When will your company expand its presence in the reappraisal and contract assessing part of the Michigan market?” Although the thought of this venture sounds exciting, and aligns somewhat with what we currently offer, we have no plans to expand into this market.  All of our Assessing staff has experience working for local government, and is familiar with what our customers nee...

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The basics of computer security are more or less understood. A username is given a password and some permissions. If a user knows the username and password, they are given permission to print, run reports, or open files. The irony is that security frequently doesn’t become misunderstood until organization, with the intent of convenience, is applied. Groups Groups assign permissions to several usernames at a time. This is especially useful whe...

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Through my position as a trainer, I have found that I learn from my customers just as much as they learn from me. In fact, what a lot of people may not realize about teaching is that for every hour you spend teaching someone, you spend about the same amount of time learning and preparing. By way of this blog, I would like to share what I have learned in the field and pass along information that will be useful for our customers in Community Dev...

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BS&A provides an easy-to-use CASS Certification process in our Utility Billing, Tax, Assessing, and P.R.E. Audit applications.  CASS is a United States Postal Service (USPS) acronym that stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. The term CASS is widely used by the USPS when referring to the verification status of an address list. This process will go through the parameters that you select for your database, then verify or change the a...

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